We Get It...

We're newspaper publishers Too...

Most software publishing companies are just that software publishing companies. Some create a product to install on your servers, leaving you to purchase the updates and trouble-shoot things that go wrong. Others use Cloud-based publishing to save you from the high cost of installed software systems. Most do not have an operating newspaper with which to base their approaches and applications.

VillageSoup is different. VillageSoup is a software company, true, but VillageSoup’s sister company Courier Publications LLC publishes community newspapers. We share office space with Courier so we experience daily what makes a platform work for both the news staff and the local citizens and businesses. We understand the importance of keeping the printed product relevant. We realize that without a viable newspaper, a news organization can not sustain the level of time-honored journalism necessary to support democracy and community life.

We’d love the opportunity to share how we’re making this new era in publishing work for us and for other publishers just like you all around the country.


The Team at VillageSoup