Overview of VillageSoup software platform

Cloud Based Publishing Software

This means your whole team has access from anywhere there is an Internet connection!
- No more expensive servers to maintain
- No more costly updates
- No more waiting for the newest version to be available

Regular System Updates (often weekly)

Our customers are part of the solution. Their feedback and experience is integral in the continual evolution of the platform.

Scalable and Reliable

We can handle the traffi c spikes. The Amazon Cloud™ provides a reliable scalable hosting platform while our Java™-based system provides a robust and scalable solution architecture.

Reduce the cost of technology investment

The cloud platform allows VillageSoup to deliver solutions to your team without capital investments in hardware and software. We also free you from the expense of developing and or maintaining technical solutions. We provide this, allowing you to focus on the business of being a publisher.

Breakdown the barriers of the Corporate LAN

No need to be at the office. Publish and manage your operation from any location with an Internet connection.

Our mission is to empower a publisher with a complete and comprehensive set of tools utilizing key technologies in the most cost effective manner possible.
We are constantly working to reduce the financial and technical barriers that can get in the way of the true-local publisher. Our system and company methodologies reverse the standard model where a software vendor held its clients hostage via cost and long release life cycles. Instead we partner with our customers, cooperatively evolving them with the system as their business needs dictate. Through this model we can deliver new revenue while diminishing expense.
This is the driving force behind Village Soup